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5 types of Nova Scotia Wine to try on an Annapolis Valley Wine Tour

One of the best ways to experience Nova Scotia's Annapolis Valley is on a wine tour. With its stunning views, delicious food, friendly locals, and of course amazing wine, a wine tour is an essential part of any Nova Scotia vacation. Less than an hour from Halifax, visiting Nova Scotia wine country is a perfect day trip, or you can extend your stay in the town of Wolfville, where you’ll find all the amenities of a great vacation at the very heart of the province’s largest wine region.

Nova Scotia's wine industry is booming, and there's no wonder why! The province's climate is ideal for growing grapes, and its soil is rich in minerals. As a result, Nova Scotia wines are known for their high quality and unique flavour. And, because many of the province's wineries are family-run businesses, there's a real sense of community among Nova Scotia's vintners. Visitors can tour the vineyards, meet the wine-makers, and learn about the local history and culture. And of course - taste the wine! Whether you're a fan of red or white, sweet or dry, there's sure to be a Nova Scotia wine that you'll love. Here’s 5 types of Nova Scotia wine you need to try!

Nova Scotia Reds - the underdogs

Traditionally Nova Scotia has not been known for its red wines, with the region’s terroir favouring the production of white and sparkling, but as the industry has grown, more and more producers have stepped up to the challenge - and we are so glad they did!

From light and fruity to bold and full-bodied, there's a Nova Scotia red wine to suit every taste. And with so many great varieties to choose from, you're sure to find one that you love. Here’s a few of our favourites:

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Nova Scotia White Wines - a true taste of Nova Scotia

The cool climate, coastal influence, and rocky soil of the Annapolis Valley create a terroir that is perfect for growing grapes, including Nova Scotia’s most popular variety, L’Acadie Blanc. In fact, the variety isn’t particularly common elsewhere so it’s no wonder it has become synonymous with Nova Scotia wines. Whether it’s a single varietal of its namesake or a delicious blend, you’ll definitely find a Nova Scotia white wine to love. Here’s a few to try:

Nova Scotia Rosé all Day!

With its light, fruit flavour and pretty pink hue, Nova Scotia’s Rosé wines are the perfect pairing for summertime patio parties. With many vineyards offering patio seating, a wine tour provides the perfect opportunity to try the summer staple while enjoying the gorgeous views of the Annapolis Valley. Sip the day away with some of these fabulous Nova Scotia Rosés:

Rosé, Glooscap First Nation x Benjamin Bridge

Say Cheers to Nova Scotia Sparkling Wines

Nova Scotia sparkling wine is becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason. You’ll find both traditional method sparkling wines (i.e. produced in the method of champagne where the wine undergoes a secondary fermentation in the bottle to produce bubbles) as well as the increasingly popular pétillant naturel (aka Pét-nat) - an older method using an older, rather less predictable technique of fermenting the wine entirely in the bottle. Raise a toast to these Nova Scotia bubblies:

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Tidal Bay - Nova Scotia’s own Appellation Wine

No Nova Scotia wine tour would be complete without a taste of the province’s very own appellation wine - Tidal Bay. Every year, wineries submit their Tidal Bay vintage to an independent blind tasting panel for approval, after following strict standards of production, including only using 100% Nova Scotia grapes and keeping the alcohol content relatively low (less than 11%). Launched in 2012 and named in part as a tribute to the coastal influence that helps define the province’s unique terroir (no Nova Scotia winery is more than 20km from the sea), Tidal Bay’s distinctive flavour profile reflects the classic Nova Scotia style: lively fresh green fruit, dynamic acidity, and characteristic minerality. Don’t let that flavour profile fool you though - each winery’s Tidal Bay is unique. But don’t take our word for it - here’s a few to try for yourself!

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Enjoy a taste of Nova Scotia on an Annapolis Valley Wine Tour!

Nova Scotia's wines are truly a reflection of Nova Scotia's unique terroir. Whether you're looking for a refreshing wine to enjoy on a hot summer day, something rich and full bodied red to pair with a hearty meal, or something special for raising a toast, there’s a Nova Scotia wine for every occasion! So hop on board and join us for a taste adventure. You won't be disappointed!


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