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Make Wolfville your next wine Destination!

Tuscany, Napa Valley, Bordeaux and… Wolfville?

Nova Scotia is not usually the first place that comes to mind when you think of great wine. But this little Canadian province has some serious Viticultural chops. Nova Scotia's wine industry dates back to the 1600s, when French settlers planted grapevines in the Annapolis Valley. And while it would take a few hundred years for the Nova Scotia wine industry to truly take off, it’s quickly making up for lost time and becoming a must-visit destination for casual wine drinkers and serious connoisseurs alike.

At the heart of Nova Scotia’s wine country is the town of Wolfville. Located in the Annapolis Valley, it’s home to great restaurants, cozy B&B’s, beautiful scenery, and friendly faces ready to welcome you to their town. Surrounded by vineyards and wineries in every direction, Wolfville is the perfect place to explore and experience what Nova Scotia’s wine scene has to offer on a guided wine tour.

And what a lot to offer it has! Over the last two decades the region has enjoyed huge growth as a wine-producing area. The province is now home to over 20 wineries, producing everything from crisp whites to full-bodied reds. With a climate similar to that of Germany and France, no wonder it’s perfect for growing grapes. The influence of the sea and the rocky soil of the Annapolis Valley create a unique terroir that gives Nova Scotia wines a distinctive flavour that you won't find anywhere else. In fact, Nova Scotia has its own unique appellation wine, called Tidal Bay. Like Champagne can only be made in the Champagne region in France, Tidal Bay is completely unique to Nova Scotia. With its crisp, bright flavours, this white wine pairs perfectly with another Nova Scotia staple - fresh seafood! But it doesn’t stop there. Nova Scotia boasts full bodied red wines, and its traditional method sparkling wines are gaining acclaim from around the world, being compared in quality to the likes of Champagne.

So If you're a fan of wine, then you need to add Wolfville, Nova Scotia to your travel list. With vineyards and wineries at every corner, it’s the perfect place to spend the day sipping away on a Grape Escapes Wine Tour!


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